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Gala Parade

Gala Decorated House Competition

2013 Committee

Colin McGinn Chair

Catherine Henderson Treasurer

Wilna Knox Secretary

Arlene Berwick Vice Secretary

Paula Waugh Crowning Convenor

Robert McNeill Grand Parade Convenor

Vicki Marr Catering Convenor

Jim Porteous and Colin Martin Field Convenors

Anne Berwick

David Dryden

Lorraine Dryden

Julie Howden

Tam Logan

Jackie Martin

Joan Ramsay

Margaret Scott

Margaret Selkirk

David Stirton

Rebekah Stirton

Margo Flockhart

Nita Fraser

Henry Glynn

Julie Anne Glynn

Lynn Herkes


Our Gala simply couldn’t (and wouldn’t) happen without the tireless work of the amazing committee. if you’d like to help spread the load a little and offer some of your own time please get in touch – we’d be delighted to welcome you.